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Accommodations through Disability Resource Office

About the DELTA Test Centers

The test centers are equipped to handle testing accommodations, per confirmation from the Disability Resource Office (DRO). Students should confirm all accommodations (extended time, etc.) with their instructor(s) at the beginning of the semester.

All of our testing rooms have been approved by DRO as meeting reduced distraction setting requirements. Earplugs, noise-reducing headphones, and music are also available to every student.

Students who plan to use their testing accommodations at the test center must submit a PDF copy of the official accommodation letter they receive from the Disability Resource Office. This letter states CONFIDENTIAL at the top, lists both the current semester and the accommodations that are received for the student’s course (this letter is different from the DRO Eligibility Summary). Please visit your student portal to request your accommodation letter, and submit the DELTA Accommodation Request Form at least 72 hours in advance of your exam.