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  • All testing is by appointment only. Students are required to schedule appointments for at least four hours in advance.
  • There are two testing locations on campus during the regular semester:
    • Centennial Campus is open to all courses throughout the semester.
    • Main Campus is limited in size and only available to College of Sciences courses. Main Campus will not be open Spring 2021.
  • The Test Center is open Monday – Friday with evening hours at the Centennial Campus location.
  • Final exams
    • Hours will be extended. Testing Services proctors for over 10,000 exams during the final exam week.
    • Additional locations will be used.
  • Testing accommodations
    • The student’s appointment will not display the appropriate accommodations until the DRO letter has been received and processed by our staff.


  • Input applicable sections of our syllabus statement in your syllabus.
  • Place a link to our official website,, in your LMS.
  • To help students get acclimated to making appointments, go over the steps found at Make an Appointment with them at the start of the semester. 
  • Be flexible with your exam period by giving at least a two-day window for each exam.
    • Larger courses, 100 students or more, should have a three or four-day window for each exam.
    • Final exams should be available over the entire exam window.
  • Limit the number of on-site exams to four or fewer.
  • Limit the time allowed for your exam to what is actually needed to complete the exam. This will allow for more efficient use of the Test Center.
  • All appointments are based on the dates and times for your exam. Should you need to reschedule your exam, be sure to contact before making changes to confirm availability.
  • Optional exams or quizzes should not be administered during the final exam period.


DELTA Testing Services administers several different types of exams.

Online and Hybrid

  • Within your LMS, configure exams to match the current semester and make them visible to students on the course dashboard before the start of each exam.
  • Learn how to configure assignment settings in Moodle.
  • All exams should open by 8:00 a.m. on the first day of each testing window and close at 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the exam window.


  • Paper-based tests may be uploaded at the time of submitting course information or emailed to DELTA Testing Services at at least two business days prior to the start date.
    • Please note, our office does not administer paper-based, multiple-choice exams. 
  • Our office will add a cover page to the exam.
  • For Spring 2021 paper-based exams will be picked up by the instructor or designee at the Centennial Campus location.
    • Consider contacting us to let us know when you are coming so we can prepare the packet before you arrive.

Foreign Language

Be sure that the audio file links are available to Testing Services.

  • Use Mediasite to record and deliver video and audio.
  • Use Moodle to deliver video and audio within quizzes.


Respondus LockDown Browser is an application that is launched from a Moodle Quiz. When using it, students are unable to print, copy, go to another URL, or access other applications while taking their exams. Respondus Monitor is a webcam feature for LockDown Browser that records students during the exam. This application will allow students to take exams outside of the classroom or Test Center while still being monitored. After the exam, Respondus Monitor generates Review Priority values based on three sources of data: the webcam video of the test taker, the computing device and network used for the assessment, and the student’s interaction with the assessment itself.

Using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor in Moodle

Respondus Best Practices for Instructors