Extensions/Make-up Exams

  • If you are making an exception to an exam window, such as allowing a student to take an exam early or late, you will need to submit an extension. Please coordinate these extensions with our staff by submitting the extension form.
  • If your exams are solely online, extensions will require you to enter a user override into your LMS system for students. You are solely responsible for entering any and all user overrides.
  • Please notify our office of any of these exceptions at least 72 hours in advance of the desired extension date.

  • If your entire class currently takes regular exams at the test center, complete an extension form for each exam.
  • If your class does not take exams at the test center, contact us for availability.

  • Contact us with detailed information: student’s name, course, semester, exam.
  • If our team is available to assist, make-up exams should occur outside of the university’s final examination period.

Submit Extension