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On-Campus Guidelines

  • All testing is by appointment only.
  • Comply with the NC State University Student Code of Conduct.
  • A valid physical ID (NC State Campus ID or government-issued ID) is required.
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited at the test centers.
  • Minors (any person under the age of 18 who is not enrolled or accepted for enrollment at NC State) are not allowed in the test center at any time. Visit  for a list of childcare centers in the Wake County area.
  • ALL testing stops at the posted closing time for the location, regardless of check-in time.

Allowed Materials

Personal items, non-permitted materials, and electronic devices will be placed in a locker. You can access lockers via your NC State ID card. If you do not have an NC State ID card, staff can assist you.

Cell phones, all watches (smart & analog), smart glasses, personal electronics (laptops & tablets), hats, food, and drinks are NOT permitted in the testing rooms.

Access to mobile devices or any other electronics is not permitted at ANY time during an exam.

Access to course material is not permitted unless the instructor explicitly gives permission in the exam information submitted to DELTA Testing Services.

Allowed materials will be collected at the end of the exam including, but not limited to, allowed notes, formula sheets, and scrap paper. Copies of notes should be made PRIOR to arrival at the test center.

The use of TI-Nspireā„¢ calculators or any other device with similar capabilities such as file storage and internet connectivity is not permitted. However, the test center can provide calculators for students to use during their exam time.

Testing rooms are monitored with video surveillance and screen monitoring software

Adverse Weather

In the event of adverse weather, DELTA Testing Services follows university direction in regard to closings and delays. Our office will provide communications to direct students and faculty accordingly.