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Off-Campus Testing Guidelines

DELTA Testing Services only proctors for NC State University credit-based courses. For a list of other proctors in the area, please visit

Note: There may be a fee associated with off-campus testing. Students will be responsible for any fees associated with off-campus testing.


If you are unable to test at a DELTA Test Center, you will need to set up testing with an off-campus proctor. Here are the steps to follow:

Find a Proctor:

  • You can choose a pre-approved proctor from our interactive map.
  • If your instructor allows Examity, you can choose to utilize this online proctoring service to take your exams.
  • You can locate your own proctor.
Who CAN be a ProctorWho CANNOT be a Proctor
Local University/College Test CenterFamily Members/Friends
Professional Testing/Educational CenterK12 Educators
Embassy Education OfficerPublic Libraries
Military Base/Station Officer (Domestic or Overseas)Individual College Instructors/Professors/Advisors
  • Contact the proctor for appointment availability before submitting the off-campus request form.
  • Submit a request for your chosen proctor.
    • If you selected a pre-approved proctor, their information will auto-fill in the form.
    • If your proctor is not listed on the map, select “other/please specify” located at the bottom of the dropdown and enter the proposed proctor details.
  • Students must schedule their appointments with their proctor, NOT DELTA Testing Services.
  • Students who plan to use their approved testing accommodations at an off-campus location should choose DRO from the dropdown when submitting the off-campus request form. It’s the student’s responsibility to provide the accommodation information to their proctors. Students are no longer required to submit their accommodation letters to DELTA Testing Services.
  • Students are required to provide their off-campus proctor with a valid physical ID (NC State Campus ID or government-issued ID).