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Student asks a question of PAMS professor Kay Sandberg in Scale-Up class.

Instructor Guidelines

General Expectations

  • Input applicable sections of our syllabus statement in your syllabus.
  • Place a link to our official website,, in your LMS.
  • All testing is by appointment only. To help students get acclimated to making appointments, go over the steps found at Make an Appointment with them at the start of the semester.

Types of Exams

Online Exams

Exams should be visible to the students and not “hidden” on the course page.

Exam dates, times, and passwords should match the exam information submitted to DELTA Testing Services and should not have restrictions set. Embedded links/documents should not be Google resources.

All exams should open at 8 am on the first day of each testing window and close at 11:59 pm on the last day of the exam window.

User overrides should be added for all students who receive extended-time accommodations for all course exams.

The use of TI-Nspireā„¢ calculators or any other device with similar capabilities such as file storage and internet connectivity is not permitted. However, the test center can provide calculators for students to use during their exam time.

Paper Exams

Paper-based exams may be uploaded at the time of submitting exam information or emailed to DELTA Testing Services.

Send exam materials to at least three business days prior to the exam start date.

DELTA Testing has successfully piloted a new method for delivering paper-based exams using tablets. Completed tablet exams will be delivered electronically through the Instructor Reports.

Please note, that our office does not administer paper-based, multiple-choice exams.

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