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Extensions/Make-up Exams

DELTA Testing only accepts extensions/ makeup exams for classes that currently take all exams at the test center. The extension form is per student and exam specific. The instructor should complete an extension form for each student with an extension.

  • If your exams are online, extensions will require you to also enter a user override into your LMS system for the students. You are responsible for entering any and all user overrides. Please view this article to learn how to implement a user override in Moodle.

Once the extension form is submitted, the student will receive an email that they can reschedule within the new exam window. You can review submitted extensions in the instructor reports.

We recommend giving the student at least 2 business days to schedule a makeup exam with us. We can not guarantee same day availability.

Note: Instructors should email DELTA Testing Services directly for any students who need to take an exam from a previous semester.