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DELTA Testing Services Fully Launches Tablet Testing Program

New Initiative Revolutionizes Exam Delivery Methods
Aug 1, 2023  | Debbie Willmschen

For DELTA Testing Services, managing paper-based exams includes several challenges that can affect both instructors and students. The standard process involves printing and collating exams, ensuring students receive the correct exam, and filing and storing the completed exams until they can be gathered and graded. 

In 2022, a team from DELTA piloted a new method for delivering paper-based exams using tablets. The primary goal of the initiative was to reduce the need for printing exams, minimize administrative tasks associated with paper exams and improve the exam delivery process for instructors. After launching the initial pilot, the team developed and tested software to improve the process and implemented their first tablet class tests and exams later that year. In 2023, the team successfully added more classes to the pilot and are set for full launch of the program this fall.

“Over the past few semesters, we made significant progress to work through technical and administrative challenges,” Director of DELTA Testing Services Sharon Broere said. “By implementing this new system, we hope to provide a more efficient and streamlined exam delivery process that will benefit students and instructors alike.”

According to Broere, the tablet testing program is good for exams where students must show their work, not just simply answer questions, such as for a math equation. In addition, tablet testing allows administrators to control access so that students only see their exam, as there is no internet access for the devices. The devices are also connected to the DELTA Testing Services appointment system, so when a student signs in, the device shows the correct exam for that student. No student can mistakenly take the wrong exam, which happened previously. And because the exams are attached to the instructor of the course automatically, exams cannot be misfiled.

Using the Testing Tablet Program

Under the new system, students can schedule testing appointments as usual. When they arrive at the test center, DELTA Testing Services provides them with a tablet and pen. After they finish the exam, they return the tablet, and their completed exam is instantly available to the instructor as a PDF via the instructor reports.

A comprehensive “how to” instruction document is available for students that explains the process in detail.

Benefits of the New Process

The tablet testing program presents an opportunity to revolutionize exam delivery methods that benefits both administrative processes and the overall experience. By transitioning from paper-based exams to tablet-based exams, DELTA Testing Services can effectively reduce administrative overhead that is associated with traditional methods and achieve significant improvements in exam delivery.

This expansion provides the following benefits:

  • Streamlined administrative processes: Eliminates the tasks involved in handling and organizing paper-based exams, which saves time and resources and allows administrators to focus on other critical responsibilities.
  • Enhanced exam delivery: Offers an efficient and reliable means of delivering exams because the digital format enables instant access to exam materials, eliminates the risk of misplaced or damaged papers, and ensures a standardized experience for all participants.
  • Environmentally friendly approach: Aligns with NC State’s commitment to sustainability by reducing the consumption of paper and minimizing waste.
  • Improved accessibility: Caters to a wider range of student needs, including those with visual impairments or disabilities, because the flexibility of digital exams allows for customization options, such as adjustable font sizes

The team that worked on this project included Business and Tech Application Specialist Drew Davidson, Technology Support Analyst Scott Leonard, and University Program Associate Chad Scott with DELTA Testing Services and former University Program Associate Kaitlyn Tarley with DELTA Testing Services.

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